Sensual EXperience

Looking for something fun and different to do with friends? How about sharing a Sensual EXperience!

Look no further than a Sensual EXperience at Eden’s Orchid Sensual Romance Boutique. Book a Sensual EXperience at Eden’s Orchid where you’ll play a few games to start and really get the laughs going. When everyone is comfortable relaxed you will receive information on our products and advice from our friendly and knowledgeable staff, all in the comfort of our beautiful store while sipping complimentary local wine and tasty snacks.

These parties are lots of fun, educational, full of laughs, educational and perfect for everyone.


Booking Cost:  $100 ($6.67-20/attendee)
Attendees:  Minimum 5, Maximum 15

Purchase Discount Levels

  • 5-9 attendees – 10% discount on purchases
  • 10-14 attendees – 15% discount on purchases
  • 15 attendees – 20% discount on purchases
Parties usually go for 1 – 2 hrs and are held Saturday Evenings during the hours of 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Other days available upon request.